By: Tala Al Ahmar


Many kids around the world prefer wasting timeTalaAh-school1 more than going to school. In most of these cases, kids do not seem to be able to understand how and why school is important to them. However, children should go to school to learn to be good communicators, independent, and useful in society.

First, school allows kids to be good communicators. Being a good communicator, a person can succeed in building long-term relationships with others. Communicating is not an easy skill to obtain. At school, kids learn to communicate with other kids and teachers.

Another advantage of schools is that kids learn to depend on themselves. In fact, kids take full charge of school duties. Kids who have good potentials show a great deal of responsibility; especially when it comes to results. On the other hand, school is the first place where children are supposed to leave the good care of their mothers to be alone.

Being is useful in society is something children can get by attending school. If students don’t succeed in their studies, they will, most probably, be a useless person in society. In many cases, children who go to school contribute to the welfare of society by becoming doctors, engineers, or writers. What these people can do is more than getting money; they help in building society, in one way or another.

To sum up, schools are the place where one can meet new people, become independent, and more valuable in society. Actually, school helps students move from infancy to adulthood very smoothly. Not only this, but also schools build a character that can stand out in life.


Tala Al Ahmar is a seventh grader. She is an excellent student in her English class. She wrote this essay in her writing class.