By: Ghaith Al Tibi

School Education is what every person needsGhaithT-School to be successful in life. Schools, actually, help kids in building their future. To succeed in life, one has to enter into the transitory period that appropriately transforms him/her from infancy to adulthood. In fact, school is so important because it helps us in our future life, improves our social life and teaches us new languages.

First of all, school helps students get prepared for their future life in so many ways. As kids enter school, they start to be asked to follow strict regulations. Moreover, the idea of having tests, projects, and assignments all through the year teaches kids how to be more responsible. All these along with other factors contribute to building the child’s personality to be able to have a better life when s/he grows up.

Furthermore, school helps students improve their social lives. At school, kids meet friends in their same age. The friendship at school is quite pure; there are no interests that can harm relationships in this phase. Therefore, schools are the best places for one to build strong ties of friendship. Students who spend years within the same group become exactly like families.

In addition, school helps us learn new languages. Foreign languages are becoming quite necessary in whatever people want to do. Without these languages, one may not even be able to use the internet, find a job, or apply to a university. Further, it becomes quite hard to have enough time to learn a new language once one gets into work; so the best time to focus on languages is school time.

All in all, school is a very important phase in life. In addition to its educational purposes, school puts kids within a social context to improve their personalities. In other words, to have a character that can face the challenges of life, a kid has to go through the experience of school education.


Ghaith Al Tibi is a student in grade seven. He excels in all the subjects; especially English.




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