By: Ghazi Roujouleh


The day is approaching. It is the day that climaxes all our days;

Cover of "Mother's Day"

Cover of Mother’s Day

it is the mother’s day. In this day, we remember the pains of our mothers to get us to where we are. We may not be able to see it at times, but this is the truth: our mothers have wasted their lives to guarantee for us a better life. In this memorable day, I would highlight two of the reasons to celebrate the ‘Mother’s Day.’

First, mothers always care about us. They suffer to educate us and make us happy. Mothers spend most of their times worrying about us. Our happiness is reflected on our mothers’ faces; our sadness, too.

Second, we, humans, need our mothers to make the balance with our fathers’ manliness. Nothing can be better than spending long hours in the arms of our mothers. This feeling of being hugged by our mothers makes us feel an incomparable pleasure. Within the arms of our mothers, we come to forget all the troubles of life and be safe.

How wonderful are moms and how soft are their feelings towards their children. They are the sweetest creatures in the universe. I really want to see my mother and all the mothers of the world “Happy Mothers’ Day” for they you have always been there for us and you have balanced our lives.



Ghazi Roujouleh is a seventh grader. He is an excellent student who excels in writing, too.