“This story is going to be my masterpiece,” said Randal, “all I need is to find a good way to end it up. It is about this dark eyed, short haired with a well-built body serial killer who lives next door when he wants to get rid of someone.”

Randal sipped his coffee, thinking about how his story was going to end, of his wonderfully drawn character and of how much fame this story would bring him.

On the way back home, Randal was deeply thinking about the resolution of his story, It was about to come to his mind when he had to jump to escape from a car accident. He looked at the driver of the car and to his surprise, he looked exactly like his character.

He was too scared and started to remember the events of his story. The car stopped a few meters away from his apartment and the man rushed out of it and entered the building at the corner of the street.

Randal did not know how his feet could get him into his apartment. He stood by the window and looked at the street. The man was exactly like the image of the main character in the story.

That was the worst night Randal had ever had in his life. He did not know what to do. He started to hear sounds. He did not know whether these sounds were only in his mind or were real.

Out of a sudden, a knock on the door was heard. Randal trembled. He went to the kitchen, took the sharpest knife and approached the door. He looked through the peephole; it was his sister.

Randal was a bit relaxed to see his sister. He told her what had happened him but she laughed and said, “well, it might be that you were too much into the situation, so you imagined that the man looked like your character. You haven’t seen your character!”

Randal was not happy with his sister’s analysis of the situation. He was quite sure that it was his main character.

*                                       *                                 *

It was not until afternoon that Randal could wake up the next day. He woke up at the knocking of the door. He went towards the door and without thinking of what had happened the previous night, he opened it. It was the man again.

Randal did not know what to do. He was shocked. The man turned to him and said with no gesture on his face, “Listen… Yesternight, I was going home to get my little kid to the hospital. I was so out of my mind. I am really sorry about it.”

Randal started to laugh. How stupid of him it was to confuse his imagination with reality.


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