Water ball

Water ball (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


By: Hala Akbik




Water is the source of  life. It’s a basic need for all living creatures. That’s why it is impossible to live without water. Nothing can live without water. In fact; life without water could wipe out plants, kill animals and harm humans.


To start with, life without water can wipe out plants. Plants, actually, need water to live. So, plants will not be able to produce food which will probably cause death. Another reason is that plants won’t be able to produce oxygen which will affect humans because oxygen is essential for the continuity of human life.


Moreover, death of animals can be another result of the absence of water. Every function animals do involves water. Examples are many; digestion and cleaning themselves are just two of them. Also, water is major part of animal’s food.


Furthermore, it is quite dangerous for humans to live without water. The lack of water could expand dirtiness and that cause diseases. This will, for sure, affect human’s health. Not only this, but also the lack of water causes the human body to be dry, which is another danger that can be caused by the lack of water.


All in all, living without water is unimaginable. The lack of water will change life to the worse. In fact, it is very hard for plants, animals, and especially humans to live without




Hala Akbik is a seventh grader who distinguishes herself, both character wise and hard work wise.